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How to Move in 30 Days

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So, you want to move in a month. Here at Capital Movers, we obtained the best tips to move seamlessly.

Week 1: Organize, Organize, Organize to Move in 30 Days

In your first week, you should gather all borrowed items and return them to their owners. With the same thought in mind, try to get back any items you let someone borrow.

You should create a budget for your moving expenses and stick to this budget.

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Consider if you can afford a moving service in your budget. Capital Movers offers a free quote for all your moving needs.

Many companies need a 30 day notice for cancellation. Check with your cable, internet, and phone providers. See if you can transfer the services to your new address at the end of the month or cancel them altogether.

Week 2: Start Packing

In your second week, consider what you don’t need for the next month. Pack away each item by room based on what you truly don’t need. When labeling your boxes, organize by room, items inside, and level of fragility.

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Notify your employer of your move and take the moving day off. Even if you order moving services, it’s good to be there as needed. You should also coordinate your pet or childcare for the moving day.

Begin scarcely buying groceries. Try to empty out your pantry and fridge this month, so you don’t have to travel with old food.

Week 3: Check In to Move in 30 Days

In your third week, really crack down on what you need to pack. Create a designated space for your boxes and keep them there. It’s best to keep these boxes away from any pets or children, ensuring they stay dry and in place.

Check in with your budget and check in with any services needed for your move. See if you need to schedule any vehicle tune-ups for your move. Fill your prescriptions and set any deliveries to your new address.

By this time, you may even have time to complete a change of address form for each individual in your home.

Week 4: The Big Move

In your fourth and last week,  double check that everything is packed in their designated area. Your fridge should be empty and filled with only you’d use that week. If it’s in your moving budget, consider a takeout night to kick back, relax, and enjoy your move.

Contact Capital Movers today to help move your home so you don’t have to stress about your big move. If you ever feel overwhelmed, we offer packing and moving services tailored to your needs. We can help relieve your busy life with our friendly and essential moving services.

To help make your move easier, here is a moving calendar just for you!

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