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Efficiently Pack Your Garage


The garage is usually a room no one wants to tackle; whether simply cleaning, throwing a yard sale, or even packing it up, it’s a task most people loathe. There are a few ways to make packing up your garage easier for your relocation and help you start fresh on this new chapter of your life! Take a look at the strategies below to help you efficiently pack your garage.

Pack Your Garage First

Don’t leave this task for last, knock it out of the way first! When you start with your garage, you can usually get a head start on your trash and donation piles and even find things you can sell for extra cash to go into your moving budget.

Start to get rid of anything that can be a potential hazard during the moving process, including fertilizers, pesticides, oil, and those extra gas containers. And start to organize any tools or appliances so they can be transported correctly to your new home!

Declutter Your Boxes in Your Garage

You don’t want to clutter your new home with the unboxed clutter from the last one. If you have boxes from the last move that have been practically untouched, consider parting with those before moving to the new house.

Separate things that you want to donate, sell or trash and anything you decide to keep box it up, so it’s ready for moving day. Remember to ask your moving company about what’s on their non-allowable list to help everyone stay safe during the relocation and consider properly disposing of those before the movers arrive.

Make Your Appliances and Tools Transport Ready in Your Garage

Any shovels, rakes, and other yard tools, wrap the ends in bubble wrap and wrap it up with tape to avoid any injury while moving. If you have any tools, try and remove detachable parts and pack them in their original boxes for the best protection! Tools with sharp edges should be wrapped in old cloth and bubble wrap and secured, so no one gets hurt in the process.

If you have an extra freezer or refrigerator in your garage, remember to defrost and clean it before the big day and put it aside, so it’s ready for the moving crew. For things like your lawnmowers and other machinery, don’t forget to also empty out the gas or oil before relocation.

Pack Sports Equipment in Your Garage

If your family stores sports equipment in the garage, you may find some pieces strange to pack. For things like bicycles, remember to take off the handlebars and pedals and put them in a space to easily find when you move.

Pieces of equipment that you think can easily break or scratch during the move should be protected with layers of wrap before putting them into cases, boxes, or even laying them in the truck. Yoga mats can be rolled up and put in boxes, while things like weights should be in sturdy boxes with only a few inside and other lightweight items on top to avoid boxes from breaking.

Once you knock out the garage, the rest of the home should be a breeze, and if you’re still worried about packing or even getting your belongings to your new home, Capital Movers can help you with packing and labor services to fit your needs!

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