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What To Do With Your Used Moving Boxes in Austin


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As you unpack and settle into your new home, there’s probably a growing stack of moving boxes, looming in corners and garages, just waiting to move into its next chapter of life. But what exactly are you supposed to do with all these boxes? Here are some tips to get them off of your hands and out of your home.

Donate, Sell or Give Away Your Used Boxes

Most people think of giving away used boxes first, but if you don’t know anyone moving soon nearby, where else can you take them? Ask around your new community and see if any places that deal with books need heavy-duty boxes for storage, so focus on things like schools, churches, or even libraries.

Some cities have companies that buy back moving boxes for a small amount, but if not, there are always websites like and that allow you to list your used boxes for a small amount of money back! Craigslist is also an excellent source for selling those unwanted pieces of cardboard, just post them for sale in your area and see if anyone nearby is in need.

Repurpose or Reuse Your Used Boxes in Your New Home

Before getting rid of those cardboard boxes, take a moment to ensure there’s nothing you can use them for in the future! Are you repainting the walls in your new home? Maybe use the boxes as a layer of protection on your floors. Organizing the new room? Cut the boxes up and use them as drawer dividers!

Repurposing them can even mean giving them a completely new look. Give a few of the boxes to the children to decorate and play with, and watch as they make their imaginations come to life. The family can even build a playhouse for the cat to enjoy in the new place!

Recycling and Composting Cardboard Helps Save the Planet 

If recycling your boxes, ensure you’ve broken them down and store them in a dry place until recycling day. Remember that even a small wet spot can prevent a box from being recycled, so stick them somewhere safe to avoid waste! If they do happen to get wet, no worries. You can always compost your cardboard to make mulch for your new yard and garden. Some farms and gardening centers may even be interested in using them as compost material!

If all of these ideas seem great to you, don’t be afraid to split up the box piles and send them on their way in different directions. Remember to do whatever is easier for your family, so you can get settled into your new home quicker! Are you looking for someone to move all those boxes over to the new home? Contact Capital Movers for a professional, reliable, and affordable moving service in the Austin area!

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