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Things You Need In Your Essentials Box for Moving Day


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Moving day can be stressful, so packing an essentials box for your family can ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips.  It also means you won’t be digging through moving boxes for your pajamas and your children’s favorite stuffed animal.

The box itself should be sturdy and durable, and some even suggest a plastic container instead of the typical cardboard box. It should also be something you have access too at all times and, if possible, should even travel with you. Here are some must-haves to include in your essentials moving box to make moving day stress-free!

Pack Your Everyday Items

Think about what you may need the first night and morning in the new home without having to unpack and put that in your essentials box. A change of clothing and pajamas for sleeping is a good place to start, and maybe even add in some towels to clean up after a long day of moving. Toiletries are a necessity to include, as well.  This includes things like toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, as well as any other toiletry items you use on a daily basis!

If any family or pets use medication, remember to pack their medicine in the easy to reach box, and don’t forget the kids’ favorite toys so they can have something to help them feel comfortable in the new space!

Keep Your Important Records Close

Any documents with sensitive and important information should be kept close in a sealable plastic bag that can be easily reached. Remember to stick any passports, birth certificates, medical records, school records, and bank information in that bag as well as  ID cards and your lease if needed.

Packing your home inventory in your essentials box is also a smart idea, so you can make sure all your items are in the home as the movers unload, instead of having to dig around for your list of items after the fact.

Tools and Cleaning Supplies Are a Must Have

Pack a small tool kit with basic tools that may come in handy, like a screwdriver, wrench, and a drill. Other helpful tools would also be a flashlight and a box cutter to quickly open all those moving boxes and maybe even some candles in case of electrical problems! Having a first-aid kit is also a good idea, as no one knows what accidents can happen! Cleaning supplies are a must-have, and multi-surface cleaner is the best for all-around cleaning, also remember to grab glass cleaner and maybe even a small broom and dustpan so your home can feel clean before you settle in.

Remember to Pack The Snacks

Don’t forget to pack some food for the trip or the first night in the new home. Things like granola bars and trail mix are healthy and can keep you energized! Bottled water is also essential to keep nearby and maybe even remember to bring some coffee for a pick me up the morning after moving. If you have pets, it’s also necessary to bring their food along and maybe a food and water bowl for them as well.

Now you have the essentials box packed, but what about everything else? Let the team at Capital Movers help.  With packing and labor services to fit your family’s needs, we’re here to assist you with making the smoothest transition possible.

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