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The Best Way to Pack Antiques, China and Ornaments


Top view of woman packing dishes while moving to the new apartment

When packing any items for a move, you should take a full inventory of your possessions to make sure everything gets from point A to point B in one piece. Take clear photos of all your items and maybe even a video to make sure you have everything covered. Next, it’s important to pack any fragile items like china, antiques, and even ornaments in the best way possible to make sure they get relocated with a little damage as possible. 

Make Sure Your Antiques Stay Priceless 

Getting your antique items appraised is a significant first step in the moving process, and most insurance companies will require an up to date appraisal. Inform those physically moving the possessions which ones need a little extra TLC, and properly pack them to ensure they avoid damage. Items like mirrors or paintings should be put into specialty boxes, while small pieces may need box dividers to keep them from hitting one another. Having the right packing materials can help your possessions stay cushioned during transport and give them little room to move around in the moving truck. 

Big antiques usually can’t be boxed up, so ensure these items are correctly labeled and that the movers know they are fragile. Ask your movers to place them somewhere that they are less likely to be ruined.

Keep Your Fine China in One Piece

The key to making sure your china gets from one place to another is investing in the necessary packing materials to get everything relocated accident-free. The first item you’ll need is corrugated moving boxes that are strong enough for the move, as well as cellular cardboard dividers to place inside the boxes for separating your glasses. All glassware needs to be wrapped in protective cushioning and fill all empty spaces in the boxes with this cushioning to prevent items moving once in transit.

Remember to add a protective layer at the bottom of the box and wrap each item separately to protect them from hitting one another. Placing larger pieces first and lightweight items last are also good packing rules so you can make sure nothing gets crushed in the moving process.

Save the Ornaments for Years to Come

If you’re packing your ornaments to move or simply taking down the Christmas Tree, keeping them undamaged and good as new for the next holiday can make the decorating season much easier on the whole family. Any glass ornaments should be repackaged in its original packaging if possible, if not, wrap them well and individually in tissue paper to avoid damage. For smaller ornaments, some recommend using a cardboard egg carton to organize and hold them in. And don’t forget plastic baggies, so you don’t lose any hooks needed to rehang them in the future! 

Whether packing antiques, china, or ornaments, remember to label all of your boxes and write fragile, along with an indication of what side needs to stay upright.  Any other priceless possessions like important documents, photos, keys, money, and fine jewelry should remain with you during your relocation to ensure their utmost safety. 

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