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Prepare to Move with Your Pets


Happy couple with cute dog after moving into new house

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a neighborhood over or a state away; you should still get your pet prepared for the big day to make the experience less frightening for them. Manage these tips in your moving process to help ease your furry friends into the new home!

Packing for the Big Day with Your Pets

If you have a cat, you probably already know that they don’t really like change. So, getting prepared for you move early can help them along the way. Bring in your boxes earlier so your pets can get used to seeing them around the home. During the moving process, put your pets in one designated room where you can shut the door or have a friend or neighbor watch them at their home so that they don’t escape the home with all the activity occurring as your boxes are loaded into the truck!

Planning Your Moving Day with Your Pets

If you’re making a long move and you and your pets plan on being in a car for multiple hours, ensure your furry friends are ready to be in a crate or in the car! Not all pets are used to being in a crate or carrier so introduce them to it weeks in advance so they can get used to the environment! Be prepared to stop multiple times if on a car trip to let your pet get out some energy and use the bathroom on the way to your new place!

Let Them Settle In

Make a “home base” for your family pet, so they aren’t overwhelmed by the new space! Let them adjust to one room and put their food, water, and toys in there as well as a litter box if you have a cat, ferret, or bunny! When they seem comfortable, you can slowly introduce them to the rest of the home!

Now that you have your pets moving plans squared away, is your family prepared to settle in a new place? Contact Capital Movers today to help relocate your home so you can start the next chapter in your life without the stress of having to move yourself! With our packing and moving services, we can help prepare your belongings for their journey to their new home with services tailored to fit your personal needs.

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