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Clean and Disinfect Your Home Before Settling In

A broom sitting next to moving boxes.

Although the words clean and disinfect are often seen together, they do mean two different things. When you clean something, it means you’re removing grime and germs for the surface while disinfecting means you are killing germs on surfaces after you clean it, which usually involves the use of a chemical. Both are necessary to ensure your new home is clean for your family so you all can settle in! If possible, do this before you move in, so everything can be ready for your belongings! And remember not to pack your cleaning supplies but to keep them out and handy!

Clean and Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces in Your Home

Go around the home to clean and sanitize all high-touch surfaces. Find all doorknobs, light switches, floors, staircase railings, toilets, and handles before letting your family run free in your home to be sure all germs and viruses are no longer present! Many also don’t think about wiping down their walls, but they are also usually highly touched areas, so wiping them down can help germs from spreading to your family.

Don’t Forget to Clean and Disinfect Your Appliances

You’d be surprised how many people forget to clean their appliances when moving out and you probably forgot to check them in your home walkthrough! Clean and sterilize the washer and dryer as well as the dishwasher and even the garbage disposal! The refrigerator is also something that’s looked over and don’t forget to replace any air filters in the home. Even giving the sinks a nice wipe down can make everything shine!

Make Those Floors Shine in Your Home

Bring your broom, mop, and vacuum over to the new home and go over all of the floors. Use the broom to pick up any big debris and whatever can’t be picked up by the broom go over with the vacuum, and don’t forget the corners! If the previous owner had pets, you may even want to consider getting a steam cleaner to go over the carpets and remove any stains and odors.

It’s Easy to Miss the Corners in Your Home

When doing a new home walkthrough there’s a lot to look at and cover in a short amount of time, so the cabinets and closets can be easily missed. As you clean your new place, go in and wipe down every little dark corner in your home, so everything can be in tip-top shape for your family to move in! Check every corner in the cabinets and closets and remember to dust and sweep as you go along.

Once you clean and disinfect every nook and cranny in the home and your new home is all spiffed up, it’s time to move in! Don’t want to do the labor yourself? Give Capital Movers a call for professional, reliable, and affordable moving services so you can have a stress free transition into your new home. 

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