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Make Moving During the Holidays Fun


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Moving during the holidays can sound like added stress for many, but with careful planning and a little creativity, you can enjoy relocating during this joyful time! From adding a little something extra to your usual family holiday cards by including a change of address to hiding gifts in your packed boxes, you can make moving during the holidays fun!

The Season of Giving

Known as the season of giving, why not give back yourself and donate items to those in need. While downsizing your belongings as you pack for your relocation, think about that maybe pile and determine what could be of more use to someone else. Donate your lightly used belongings to organizations that specialize in helping those less fortunate and make this season a little happier for someone else.

Decorate Your Moving Boxes

It may be challenging to decorate your home for the holidays in the middle of a move, so getting creative with your decorations is necessary to fill the house with seasonal cheer.  Those boring cardboard boxes taking up space in your home can be easily decorated with drawings, stickers, gift wrap, and anything in between! You can even let the kids join in on the fun and decorate their own holiday boxes! For more decorations, hang tinsel and stockings for your moving boxes to them more festive.

Another way to make packing and unpacking enjoyable is by adding small presents into packed boxes, leaving them ready to be unwrapped as you unpack! This will be sure to make everyone eager and excited to get unpacked and settled into the new home!

Create New Traditions, But Maintain the Old

Even though this won’t be your traditional holiday, you can still keep some of those family traditions alive! Save the packing of your decorations for last and if you decide to put up a tree, set it up in a now empty room and get the full effect of the lights reflecting off of now clear surfaces and corners. As soon as you arrive in your new place, set up easy decorations like wreaths and garlands that won’t get in the way of you settling into your new home.

Maybe instead of hosting the holiday dinner this year, you can make a new tradition of visiting family during this time or even just having it with your immediate household instead of extending it out to everyone else. And don’t skip out on those holiday recipes, music, and movies that bring the season even more joy. These can quickly be done in an all packed up, or a not yet unpacked, home and can quickly make you feel the holiday joy.

Once your all moved into your new home, it’s also a great time of year to get involved in your new community, as it is usually a busy season for events, concerts, and festivals in most cities! These can help cheer you and your family up and put you in that holiday spirit. Are you thinking about moving during the holidays this year? Contact Capital Movers today and learn if we can fit your relocation needs!  

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