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How to Pack Your Library for a Move


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Packing your book collection for a move can be a challenging task. Not only do you need strong boxes or containers, but you’ll also need time to go through the titles you’ve collected and see if you still really need them or not.

Start Packing Your Library by Decluttering and Donating Items

Go through your collection and separate your books by titles near and dear to your heart that you must keep, those you can sell, and others that can be donated!

The books that you can be separated from and don’t expect to read again but are still in good condition can usually be sold to second-hand media stores for either credit to set up a new library in your home or cash! Those that don’t sell can be donated to schools, churches, and even libraries!

Make an Inventory of Your Library

After you separate what’s coming with you to your new home, the next thing you should do is make an inventory! Catalog your books and make a personal library, so you know what books you have in your collection!

Whether you categorize by author, genre, size, or even alphabetical order knowing what books you have can help you perfect the setup of your little library and ensure nothing is left behind or damaged in the move.

Find the Right Boxes to Pack Your Library

Make sure you have strong boxes with no holes or wear and make the side and bottom stronger with some tape! Most recommend purchasing new boxes for packing your library to ensure they have the needed strength to get them from point A to point B.

Along with sturdy boxes, you also need strong tape to help reinforce all sides of the box so you can be sure everything stays together and undamaged.

Group Your Collection for Easy Packing

Packing your books can be the hardest part of the moving process, as they can get heavy fast. Separate your books by size and from hardback and paperback to help determine how many boxes you may end up needing. Place the books either standing, like on a bookshelf, with their spines pointing to the sides of the box or lay your books flat, but remember to not pack too many in one box!

Use layers of cardboard or other packing materials to help you fill up space in between books or layers of books, and try picking the box up a few times while packing to see if it’s a moveable weight.

Moving is a big deal, but we can help you make a smooth transition! Contact Capital Movers for your moving and packing needs, and we can help you get the job done!

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