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Prepare to Move Regardless of the Weather


Moving with rain, umbrella featured

Moving plans are set out months in advance, so predicting the weather on the set date can be a challenging task. Since we have no control over mother nature, it’s best just to be prepared for any weather condition on moving day. Use these tips for some help to ensure your belongings and family get to your new home undamaged!

When the Rain Won’t Go Away

Moving in the rain can quickly turn into a wet mess, but plastic can be your best friend to keep everything safe and dry. Wrap any and everything you can in the home to protect it from water damage, especially bigger furniture pieces like shelves and mattresses.

Use what you can for cover in the event of a storm meddling in your moving plans, by putting up a popup tent or simply a tarp to keep some of the rain off of the path from the moving truck to the house! This can also help the movers and your family from tracking access water inside. Drying items as they come in to wipe off any access moisture will stop water damage and if a box gets wet, be ready to quickly unpack to ensure things don’t grow mold or mildew.

You can also help prevent tracking things into your new home by making makeshift mats out of cardboard, rugs, carpets, or even old sheets! This will help people from slipping after coming in from the rain and will keep your entryway dry.

Snow Days Aren’t Always Fun

If you are moving somewhere that experiences snowstorms and there is a huge one set to come in on moving day, it may be best to contact your movers about rescheduling for everyone’s safety! Now, if you live somewhere like Texas, that may occasionally get some nasty slush or ice; you must prepare to be flexible and patient. Winter weather can easily be dangerous, so giving your movers extra time to get to and from the destination would be in everyone’s best interest.

Create a safe environment by clearing a path for your movers and family so they can get everything from the home to the moving truck without the risk of an accident happening. Also, ensure you de-ice any stairs or sidewalks with salt to prevent slipping.

Don’t Sweat the Heat

Moving during the summer months can be brutal, as there’s no downtime from the heat besides in the early morning and late evening.  Some important reminders when moving in the sun is to start early so that it can be cooler as you move your belongings. Also, ensure you have the right clothing, something breathable, lightweight and loose-fitting so they can absorb moisture and dry faster as you sweat during your relocation.

Having a hefty supply of water for your family and the movers is always a big help to keep everyone hydrated and cool.  It’s also vital that you are aware of what items need to be put directly in the air conditioner in the new home from the truck, as not everything does well in Texas heat.

No matter the season, if you plan ahead and keep an eye out for any bad weather, you can be ready for anything that stands in your way! And if you’re planning to move soon, let Capital Movers lend you a hand.

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