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How to Successfully Move Your Office


Moving boxes and furniture in new office

When moving your office, most of the time it’s due to the business outgrowing its current infrastructure. But, moving to a bigger office should be a time of joy for enlarging your company, not a stressful situation.  With these tips, you can move your office successfully and as stress-free as possible!

Plan the Move Far in Advance

Planning is the most essential part of any moving process, especially if it involves many people! It’s important to start planning as early as possible, and creating a timeline can be the perfect starting point. This timeline should cover all the big stages in the moving process to ensure your mental timeline, budget, and schedule are realistic for your employees, customers, and movers.

Collect any information about the new office space to find key features and start the design of your office. Talk to your employees, and if there are any places in the current office that aren’t working or they think could be used for a better purpose, make a note for the new office design. Think about any outside help that may need to be hired to get the building prepared and make sure that any customization, renovations or repairs are also on a realistic timeline for the opening of the new office.

Organize the Office

Record any key information that could affect any aspect of the move, like the size of the new office and a final employee headcount. Also, list out what you have and what you will need in the new location, as well as a list of a things you have decided can go with to your new office and the possessions that can be left behind or donated.

Once you have decided on a moving company, start packing as soon as possible to help you and your employees from becoming overwhelmed. Box up any items you don’t use often but need to keep and things that aren’t crucial to your day to day activity!

Announce the Change

Put together a contact list of everyone you conduct business with, including customers, clients, and suppliers, so they know that you are changing your location. Ensure you notify them with specific information like the new address and if the business operation and hours will be affected so that any dealings can go smoothly for all parties involved. It may be a good idea to designate someone to look over this contact list so they can double-check that no one gets left out!

Communicate with Your Employees

Juggling the stresses of work during a move can be difficult for not just you, but also the employees. Ensure everyone has had open communication with their supervisors for working through the moving process, to make sure no one misses important deadlines and have crucial dates in mind if planning meetings and taking on new projects.

As people have questions leading up to the big relocation day, post them and the answers in a public place for everyone to have access to and provide status updates so everyone knows what’s going on and what the plan is moving forward.

If you have to make seating arrangements for desks, make a detailed floor plan of the new office and use employee feedback to make new plans, so you know where everyone and their belongings need to go on moving day.

By planning far enough in advance and considering these tips, you can make your office move a pleasant and joyful experience as your company grows! Are you looking for a professional, reliable, and affordable moving service in the Austin area? Contact Capital Movers today and know you’ve picked the best choice for your Texas move!

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