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Tips When Doing A New Home Walkthrough


Walking through for home inspection in kitchen

You wouldn’t want to move into a home that isn’t prepared fully for new residents, but with a final home walkthrough, you can ensure the house is in its best shape possible before it becomes yours. This task is most likely one of the last ones before the big task, move-in day! With this checklist, you can have peace of mind that everything is move-in ready for you and your family as you embark on this journey in your new home.

Essentials Items for Your Final Walkthrough

One of the most important things you will need during this walkthrough is time, as it should be very detailed, you don’t want to be paying for repairs and your new mortgage when you move in. The next thing on your essential checklist should be your real estate agent. Think of them as a human walkthrough checklist and a backup to the one you should be checking off as they know what to look for in these final walkthroughs.

Taking a note pad and sticky notes on this last homebuying task is also a good idea, use the notepad to write down any observations and questions for the previous homeowners that you may have. The sticky notes can be of assistance to mark any problems you may find. Having a working camera can also prove useful here so that you can take photos of the home’s condition. Some important documents should also be in tow, like your copy of your contract, and the inspection summary for references so you can remember to check the status of any agreed repairs by the seller of the home!

Don’t Forget to Check These Rooms, Systems, and Appliances

During the final walkthrough, you should really look at the home in detail from top to bottom. Sometimes the damage may not be noticed until the seller has completely moved out and things may even have been damaged in the transition. Go from room to room of your new home and look from top to bottom for any holes in the walls, paint damage, floor scratches, water damage, and anything else that may surface.

Check all doors and windows, including the garage, to make sure they, and their locks, are functional. Everything should move smoothly, and all screens and blinds should be in working order. All water fixtures and faucets should be run and checked for proper working conditions. All fixtures and personal property that were included in the contract should also be accounted for and undamaged.

Remember to check the electrical systems, A/C unit and heat, no matter the season you may currently be in. All light switches, ceiling fans, security systems, doorbells, and even electrical outlets should also be looked at to ensure they are in working order.

One Last Check of the Property

Somethings can be easily missed, so double-check that you have examined the home’s exterior just as well as you have examined the inside. Check out the perimeter of the property and look at any trees, landscaping, siding, and the home’s roof to ensure it’s all in tip-top shape.

Verify that all repairs are in order, and nothing new has been damaged. It’s also essential to look for signs of pests in the home, especially since it’s now vacant. Check for any mouse dropping, which could be a sign of rodents and spongy floors or dry rot which can be signs of termites! Once you’ve completed your walkthrough and settled any problems, it’s time to close on your new home! Now it’s time for the big day, are you prepared to move? Let us make your move a lot less stressful with our packing and labor services! Contact Capital Movers today.

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