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Why You Should Never DIY Your Piano Move


Okay, so you’re planning to move and you’re trying to cut costs that seem reasonable. You have an entire list to get through and one of those items is the looming grand piano in your living room. You might have bribed a friend with a truck or rented one. This should be easy, right?  

Well, not necessarily. Here’s why you should reconsider DIYing your piano move.  

Pianos Are Heavy to Move 

While it might seem easy at first, the average piano weighs between 300 to 500 pounds. Some even weigh nearly 1,000 pounds! 

If you and a bunch of buddies try moving it on your own, you risk injury. You don’t want your friend or family member throwing out their back or breaking a foot.  

Or you could break your piano, which would be more of a financial loss than hiring movers in the first place. You could lose out on important memories for the future with your kids or lose a precious heirloom.  

Regardless of circumstance, professional piano movers can move the same item with less labor and the right equipment.  

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Pianos Could Be Damaged with a DIY Move 

There are so many tiny details that come with a piano move. The keyboard can’t be in the open without risking popping off or damaging one of the keys. The pedal could snap off or the paint could scrape against a wall.  

There also can’t be too much pressure on the legs, so you need to wrap the piano in moving blankets and use a dolly to support the weight. 

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Moving a Piano on Your Own Could Damage Your Home  

After going through all that trouble of loading this heavy piano into the truck, taking it down, and stopping at the front door of your house only to realize it won’t fit. 

Pianos are infamously hard to move. They are often oddly shaped or don’t quite fit through doors and hallways without potentially damaging your home.  

Don’t put up with the stress and struggle if you don’t have to.  

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Trust in Austin’s #1 Piano Moving Service  

Capital Movers are dedicated piano movers that makes moving a breeze. We ensure that your piano is dealt with the utmost care and your service is unbeatable. Book an appointment today for your next piano move.  

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