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3 Month Moving Checklist: Planning Your Move


Happy woman sitting on floor making plans on paper for her new home. Woman making a checklist of household items sitting on floor with packing boxes around her.

Moving can become a disorganized mess very quickly and early on into the move. Ensure everything stays on schedule, in your budget, and within sight with this 3-month checklist. Get your family and all your belongings into your new home as easily as possible!

12 Weeks Until The Move

Careful planning is the key to a smooth move. Start to see what expenses may occur and see how much you may need to set aside for your relocation.

8 Weeks Until The Move

If you pack smart and with a plan, moving into your new home will be a piece of cake. These checklist items can help you stay organized and even lessen the workload toward the big day.

4 Weeks Until The Move

Making sure you have all the supplies and services necessary to live in your new place is the next step in the process! Transferring important documents and giving notice now can save you from a headache in the future.

2 Weeks Until The Move

The day is quickly approaching! As you finish up packing in the upcoming weeks, you’ll have time to slowly start to clean your old home and prepare yourself for your new one.

1 Week Before The Move

The day’s almost here. Make sure everything is squared away, prepared and ready to go. It’s time to make your old home look good as new and pack away your last few items.

The Day Before The Move

The day is almost here and you’re ready to start a new chapter in life! Review your checklist and double check that everything is in order and ready to go, prepping you for the morning ahead.

The Big Day

You have been preparing for this moment for months and the day’s finally here! Make sure to get an early start to your day because the quicker you move the faster you can enjoy your new home.

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