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Unpacking: 3 Tips to Save Your Sanity

Unpacking Your House In 3 Easy Steps

Unpacking your house is scary stuff. Maybe you’ve rolled up to your new home in a bangin’ U-Haul, with all your worldly goods carefully wrapped in bubble wrap stored in the back, and laboriously unloaded them all box-by-box into the living room of your new place—but now what? You’re sitting on the floor of your unfurnished kitchen, in a sea of cardboard cubes, exhausted by the thought of trying to unpack them all. Or any of them.

Fear not! Here are our top three tips to save you from pulling your hair out and lying on the floor in a puddle of anxiety surrounded by your possessions.

1. Have a strategy when unpacking your house

Packing up room by room is a popular packing strategy, so that when you get your new place, you know what room everything came from. Then you can set things up in similar ways or unpack entire kitchen areas into their shiny new counterparts. Think of it as doing the work on the front end of the operation, instead of the back end. This also enables you to target your efforts and unpack room by room in the order of the rooms you need organized first. Why bother with the garage tools if the kitchen isn’t set up yet? One room at a time. Don’t wander!

2. Don’t undermine yourself when unpacking your house

Put the essentials where you need them. This is the exception to the above rule. Why would you hide the things you know you’re going to need immediately? Charging cords, cleaning supplies, snacks, all the things you know you’ll need right off the bat—don’t hide those from yourself by tucking them away in odd boxes! Put them all in the same box, so that you can find them when you need them. Use red tape. Label it in giant letters: IMPORTANT. This will significantly lessen your stress on moving day.

3. Have a strategy for your other strategy when unpacking your house

Mapping the room before you even get the boxes in there is just as important as knowing what’s in the boxes in the first place. There’s plenty of ways to plan a room beforehand, but the principle remains the same: start from the ground up. Know where your furniture is going to go. Take pictures, use sticky notes to indicate the location on the ground, do whatever you need to prepare yourself, so that you don’t have to make those big decisions on moving day. If you don’t, you could end up with a heap of furniture in all the wrong rooms, which will make unpacking even more difficult since now you have to rearrange the furniture too. Plan first!

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In the end, some of the greatest keys to smoothing out your unpacking process are to be found in how you pack up in the first place. If you’re thinking of moving anytime soon, make sure you have a fool-proof plan for the order things go into boxes—and the order they come out. If all that sounds like too much work (and we wouldn’t blame you), we can help!

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