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Things to Do in ATX to Keep Cool This Summer


View of Austin, Texas downtown skyline

Summer in Texas is always a complete scorcher! With temperatures sometimes rising to triple digits, it becomes even more necessary to ensure that your summer fun and your summer move isn’t compromised by unbearably hot weather! In Austin, there are plenty of fun activities that cater to all ages and meet the criteria for cooling you off in those painfully hot summer months. While Capital Movers takes the hard work out of packing and moving your belongings, you can start to plan how you will escape the heat this summer! See some of our favorite ATX attractions below.

Kayak & Stand Up Paddleboard on Lady Bird Lake 

A must-do for Austin residents is kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) on Lady Bird Lake! What better way to have fun and stay cool this summer by getting active at one of Austin’s most notorious attractions. Formerly known as Town Lake, Lady Bird Lake resembles more of a river but was originally created to serve as a cooling pond for the Holly Street Power Plant. The lake now serves as a popular recreation spot for residents and tourists alike! Word to the wise, on certain days paddleboard rentals are more affordable than others. Check it out here!


Swimming at Barton Springs 

After a long day of unpacking, perhaps all you want to do is lounge by the pool to cool off. We have got you covered! Zilker Park’s Barton Springs Pool is also a huge hotspot in ATX! Measuring three acres in size, it is fed from underground springs and maintains a temperature of 68-70 degrees. While that may sound optimal for swimming, we dare you to get in! The pool is closed from 9am to 7pm every Thursday for cleaning and preservation of wildlife in the area, but when open, you’ll want to get there early, as the pool fills up quickly!


Watch a Movie at Alamo Drafthouse

Maybe you’ve done the whole “outside” thing and it’s just not for you. That’s okay – as professional movers, we can definitely understand wanting to relax every once in a while. One of our favorite indoor pastimes is enjoying a family night, date night or solo trip (hey – we don’t judge) at Alamo Drafthouse! Not only do the luxurious seats comfort you in your movie-watching efforts, you can also eat and drink as well. Think restaurant meets movie theater meets reclining chair. If you ask us, nothing beats a reclining movie theater seat and a cold beer while watching the newest flick.


Enjoy a Scoop(s) at Amy’s Ice Cream

If you’re very ambitious and accomplish all of these trips in one day, you’ll have to cap off your night with some Amy’s Ice Cream. Also a Capital Movers favorite, we can’t turn down one of their most popular flavors, Mexican Vanilla! For our moving team, we believe the proper way to refuel after a long day of moving is with a couple scoops of Amy’s (we never said it was the right way to refuel). Even if this is the only thing you do to escape the heat or to take a reprieve from the stresses of moving in the summer, we can assure that a trip to Amy’s Ice Cream may be arguably the best thing on this entire list.


Escaping the heat in Austin during the summer is non-negotiable! Whether you are wanting to enjoy the summer and are looking for things to do or procrastinating the unpacking of all of your newly moved items, these tips are a sure-fire way to help escape the heat.

If the thought of moving in a Texas summer is already giving you major anxiety, our team of professional movers can custom tailor a packing, labor, and moving plan for you. There’s no reason to not enjoy your summer in ATX with the assistance of Capital Movers!

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