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Making a Home Inventory When Moving


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How to Make a Home Inventory When Moving

Having a detailed checklist that lists all of your household possessions in an organized manner can help make your move much easier. A home inventory lists your home’s contents item by item, allowing you to have a detailed record of what you have. Although this may take some time, it can come in handy when packing, unpacking and moving boxes and items into your new place.

Why Should I Make a Home Inventory List?

Setting aside time to complete this task can benefit your upcoming move in numerous ways. Professional movers can use your inventory to better estimate your costs and provide a more accurate quote. Making an inventory can help you declutter and get rid of double items or things that don’t really have a purpose. The list can also be useful as a packing list, making sure you don’t forget to pack anything important!

Having an inventory checklist can help you determine if you need to buy extra insurance for high-value items and if something gets damaged or disappears in the move you can easily file an insurance claim.

How To Make a Home Inventory List

Make a list and go one room at a time to ensure you don’t miss anything! Some like to even start a new inventory sheet with each new room to keep everything super organized. Take down all crucial information like item description, current condition, serial number, the value or receipt and any other notes you think may are useful.

Adding visuals to your lists can also help support your items in case anything happens. Take pictures of any high-value items and be sure to include the timestamp to eliminate any doubt. You may also choose to do a video inventory, walking around the home and recording your items instead.

Put these notes somewhere safe in a spreadsheet, designated binder or even a home inventory app. And remember to keep multiple copies, including an electronic one in the cloud in case your computer experiences problems or you need instant access.

Using Your Inventory List to Pack

When packing, think about numbering your boxes, and as you pack the items on your list, note which box numbers they are in. You can also use this to cross off boxes as they are delivered to your new place to ensure everything arrives safely.

Using colors or different colored tape you can also mark your high-value items or the things you will want to unpack first to make the move a little less stressful as you unpack and settle in.

Not only will a home inventory help you make your transition into your new home easier, but it can help you purchase the right insurance for your possessions and help verify losses and settle insurance claims in the event of a natural disaster, fire or robbery. Want to know how you can make your move even smoother? Contact Capital Movers today for our residential moving services and let us pack, move and deliver your possessions into your new home for a stress-free relocation!

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