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3 Tips Parents Wish They Knew Before Their Kids Moved to College


Is your teenager moving to college this week? We know, it’s scary and new adventures bring all sorts of anxiety – especially when you are involved in moving.  

That’s why we’ve curated a list to help with your Austin move. Whether you’re coming from out of state or nearby, you deserve a stress-free move.  

Plan Ahead of Time for Your Austin Move  

Whether you choose on-campus housing or an apartment, consider using online tools to understand what areas are good for your teen to start their new life and see what works within your budget. It’s always good to live near the university for convenience.  

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Remember to Review the Dorm Checklist  

The University of Texas offers a moving guide for students. Early check-in begins August 15th and continues through the 21st. While you should pay attention to each university’s specific move-in list, Capital Movers has helped parents and students alike move into the new chapter in their lives.  

We recommend:  

While a lot of these items are for personal use, your child should coordinate with their roommate and see if they can bring items such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Anything they would use communally should be a collaborative effort. This also helps them both determine how they want to decorate the space. 

It is also a good tip to speak to their roommate beforehand and find out when they plan to move in. It may be too tight of a space if you try to move in at the same time.

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Ditch the Boxes for Your Austin Move  

While cardboard moving boxes are a staple, they aren’t the best for settling into a small furnished space. There are so many people moving into dorms and apartments the first week that it may not be beneficial for you and hundreds of other parents to try to scout empty recycling dumpsters.  

Utilize items like laundry baskets and plastic bins. While your child might not use every basket, they are useful storage items to stow away in the closet or beneath the bed.  

It’s Okay to Get Emotional

Moving day is tough on the parents, but the kids too. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when moving to the next stage of your life. To cheer you up, here are some parent farewells from The University of West Alabama:


“How much will you miss your kid?” Fall 2022 #moveinday for the freshman dorms. Welcome to the UWA Tiger fam! 🐅 #foryou #backtoschool #college #collegelife #collegedorm #universitylife #universityseries

♬ original sound – The University of West Alabama

When you’re ready for your next chapter, get a free moving quote from Capital Movers. We can coordinate packing and labor services as well as local and long-distance moves. We’re experienced Austin movers that ensure a stress-free move.  

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