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Ways to Involve Your Children in the Move


Moving concept, Father and his son moving into their new home

Whether moving across the neighborhood or the country, the process can be a stressful one, and if you are a family with children, it can make it even more difficult. Uprooting children from their usual surroundings can turn into some tough situations and keeping them organized so you can pack and clean can be a handful. Involving your children in the move helps make for a smoother transition into your new home!

Let Children Choose When You Can

When making decisions, even simple ones, letting your children in on the family discussions can help them feel included and involved! If you are thinking of redecorating their rooms, maybe let them choose the theme or color if possible. Allowing them to choose or even plan out their new space can make it feel like they have a say and can give them something to look forward to in the near future!

Allow the Kids to Help Pack

Letting your children be a part of the moving process by packing can help all parties involved. If you have older children, allowing them to tape up and even label boxes can save you some stress and keep them occupied. If they are younger, or simply like to draw, let them decorate the moving boxes for some fun!

Packing can be one of the most frustrating parts of moving, let your child take off some of the ease by allowing them to sort through their own possessions, if old enough, and they can choose what they want to keep and what they want to donate.

Everyone in the family should have their own essential box or bag and letting your child prepare their own can allow them to have a little responsibility and independence. By allowing them to put what they need for the first few days in there and then letting them unpack that very box at the new home can help the child feel settled in.

Help Your Children Get Excited to Move

It’s possible that your children may feel anxious about relocating but getting them excited about the move can help the transition go smoother! Think about taking your kids to the new place if your able to do so. They can see where they will be living soon and even get in a little neighborhood exploration to help them get excited to move in. Early on in the moving stages, take them on a few home tours or let them choose a unique decoration for their room so your moving day can be a day they look forward to and not dread.

Cleaning Can Be Fun for the Kids

As an adult, cleaning is seen as a chore, but for children, it can be the fun task of the day! Even toddlers can help with simple tasks such as wiping cabinets and baseboards to get the home ready for its new owner. Let the kids help clean out the pantry and ask them to check the expiration dates so you can toss out old food before moving into your new home. Then, let them wipe down the new place to help everyone get prepared to move in and make it ready to live in!

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