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Prepare Your Home for a Virtual Viewing


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As this new normal drags on, we have to keep moving forward in our lives. So, don’t let the pandemic put a halt to your moving plans, even your home viewings can be altered to fit these new guidelines.  A virtual viewing can give your home the potential to be viewed by interested people globally.

Get ready for your virtual showing with these strategies and tips to give your home the best view possible.

Clear Out the Clutter Before Your Virtual Viewing

­You would be surprised at how easily clutter can accumulate in your home, from mail to unused items or even rarely played kids toys, you want to be sure everything is out of sight for the viewing. Get rid of all that old and junk mail, sort what’s important and recycle the rest! From there on out, designate an easy to hid place to put any incoming mail and papers so you can ensure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Give the viewer a clean look of all the storage space in the home by decluttering any closets and basements! Donate all your family’s old clothes and sort through all those unopened storage containers so you can have a fresh start at the new home!  When your home is clutter-free, it looks more inviting so clearing everything out of the way is a great way to make your home popular in the market!

Pick the Perfect Lighting Before Your Virtual Viewing

Just like when taking normal photo or video, lighting can change the whole look of the project. Make sure all of your light bulbs are in working order around the home and make sure they are all the same color! Open shades around the house for that natural light look and to help eliminate shadows and take a few test shots on your phone to see what may need to be altered before the photographer arrives!

Clean Up the Home Before Your Virtual Viewing

Now is the time to give the home a super deep clean, and then once it sells, you just have to do a good short cleaning to make it move out ready! Make everything shine and sparkle, even the grout in the shower. Fully vacuum the home and don’t forget to scrub the skirting boards. Dust off the fans and blinds and have everything in tip-top shape!

If you have yard, be sure to spruce up any gardens, mow the lawn and get those leaves off the grass! Any patio furniture should be cleaned and neatly organized and don’t park in the driveway so the photographer can get a nice clear view of the whole home!

Make Your Home Imaginable for the Viewer

The home viewing isn’t just to show off your home, but to make the home something someone else would want to buy. Keeping that tip in mind any pet toys, food bowls or accessories should be put out of sight! If you have crazy paint colors or art around the home, repainting or removing decorations can help make it look more sellable.

Stage the home in the perfect way by rearranging furniture to make rooms appear larger and remove family photos and keepsakes to remove yourself from the home. Make room décor consistent and arrange things so they aren’t cramped in the home!

When you have everything prepared perfectly for a virtual viewing, your home can be even hotter on the market! And, once you’ve sold your home, call us over at Capital Movers to help you move to your new home worry-free!

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