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Prepare Your Belongings for Professional Packers


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After you’ve gone through your household and purged all items that need to be donated or discarded, and you’ve made an inventory of everything in your home, it’s time to pack up your things for relocation! Hiring professional packers may mean you get out of a lot of the tedious work, but you do have to prepare your belongings for them!

Plan What Can Be Packed

Not all things can be packed or put in the moving truck. Hazardous items, perishables, and plants are among those!

Be sure you clean out your fridge and panty before the movers come by to prepare your kitchen for packing! Items like paint, aerosols, gas, charcoal, and even chlorine are included in lists of hazardous items, so safely and properly discard things like this around the home for a smoother packing experience.

Label and Organize

Moving can easily become a jumbled mess with brown boxes lining the whole home. Label your rooms so your movers can ensure they label each box correctly to help with an easier delivery and lessen the moving of boxes by your family once you’re in your new place.

If you know items are switching destinations in the move, label them with their future location, so everything is in the correct rooms by the time the movers leave!

You may also want to go through your inventory and set aside or mark items with a high value so that movers can easily recognize them and take extra care of the valuable pieces.

Put Together Your Essential Boxes and a No-Pack Zone

There are some things you just need with you or things you’d rather pack and move yourself. Dedicate a no-pack zone in your home for items that need to go in your family’s essentials boxes or irreplaceable family heirlooms that you can fit into your personal vehicle. Important records, charging cables for electronics, everyday toiletries, and medicine should also live in this zone during the move for easy access and relocation.

You also need to move things like guns and ammunition, so stick those in the no-pack zone for your family to easily go in and put these items in personal vehicles to take to the new home.

If you can spare a full room, write No Pack Zone on paper and attach it to the door! You can also section off a corner of the home to place all of these items, just ensure the no-pack labeling can be easily identified by your packing team!

Prepare Appliances for Moving

Check ahead of time that your appliances don’t require professional disconnects and if not, ensure you give them enough time to defrost, empty, and dry to avoid mold or problems at the new home! Cleaning them before you get to the new home will also help your future self and make them move-in ready, so all they need to do is be connected and plugged up!

Secure Pets, Plants, and Children

Children, pets, and plants are all living things that can easily get hurt or even lost during a move.

Protect your fragile plants from damage by transporting them to your new home yourself, allowing you to keep an eye on them, so they don’t die from the stress. Stick these live items in your no-pack zone so the movers know not to touch them!

Moving with pets or children comes with extra precautions and steps, so prepare in advance to help their relocation easier! It may be best to arrange for pets and children to spend the day elsewhere when movers are packing up your home, as the constant in and out of the home can lead to a little one or furry friend getting out of the house. If you cannot find somewhere else for them to spend the day, secure a room where they can be safely out of the way.

Once you have your items inventoried and separated and given your family a full rundown of the moving plan, take your movers through the home for a quick walk-through to point out the no-pack zones, special items, and all the rooms that need to be packed! And, if you’re looking for a team to help out with the packing contact us at Capital Movers for a professional, reliable, and affordable move!

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