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How to Move with Your Plants


Have you noticed the amount of plant parents hanging around lately? The rise of plant propagation started early in 2020 when people were scrambling to find some hobby to keep them busy, happy, and possibly distracted, during lockdown. Then, seemingly overnight, the population of plant parents grew.  

Much of this trend is thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok that offer educational content on how to keep plants alive. 

However, what some plant parents don’t consider is how they’ll move living spaces with their new collection. Plants are actually considered perishable items, meaning that your mover might not transport them. Without the help of the mover, you have a real DIY situation on hand.   

During a move, a plant could snap or die from the change of environment. A favorite pot might break. Anything could happen, which is why we’re here to make your life a little easier.   

Keep reading for essential plant-saving tips for your next move!  

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Gather Your Storage Bins to Begin Moving Your Plants 

Don’t move heavy plants in cardboard boxes. From the weight of the pots to the thin protection from any bumps in the road, plants and cardboard boxes just don’t go together.  

Our recommendation is to find a thick storage bin that has a decent base to carry pots. Dairy crates are also a good substitute. When you have a large amount, organize your plants by size and place them into the bins.  

Pack them as tightly as possible. The less chance the plant has from clacking against another pot, the better. Organize these plants into their assigned bin a day or two before your move. Fill any leftover space with newspaper.  

Water the plants a day before moving rather than the day of to prevent any spillage.  

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Moving Your Plants on the Day of Your Move 

Stack these dairy crates side-by-side and pack as many as possible into the back of your vehicle. Nothing should cover or smother the plants. The air conditioning should be on.  

Drive carefully as long as needed for your move. It’s typically recommended to move items using your personal vehicle and keep perishable items close. Don’t let your plants sit anywhere overnight.  

When you arrive at your new home, unpack your plants slowly. Take time to organize them throughout the home and take care of their watering and fertilization needs after the move.  

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Stressed About Your Plants?  

Let Capital Movers take care of everything else so you can focus on what matters: keeping your perishable items safe. As one of the best movers in Austin, our focus is always on impeccable customer service and ensuring you have a stress-free move.  

Get your free moving quote today and learn more about our packing services here for an even smoother transition!  

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