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What Animal Do You Relate to When Moving?


The process of moving holds a completely different experience for everyone. Some have prepared weeks, maybe even months in advance, carefully jotting down every detail of their move, while others have knowingly waited until the last minute – i.e. the night before moving day to start packing and searching for moving help. This moving animal is telling of your personality and how you react to different situations. Find out which animal you most closely relate to below!

The Sloth


Are you super chill about the whole moving thing? Do you tend to procrastinate packing and getting ready for your move? If you’re reading this article right now when you’re supposed to be packing, your animal is a sloth. Just like the sloths in the jungle, you’re also notoriously slow when it comes to completing tasks during the moving process.

You tend to procrastinate things like packing and de-cluttering until the night before the move happens. You also wait until the night before to ask your friends for help moving in the morning – after you wake up late, of course.

You’ll finish packing by then, right?

Now that you’ve found out your moving mood and hired Capital Movers to get the job done, that’s going to help with the whole process, right? Go ahead, take a nap. You’ve earned it.

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The Cheetah


Your animal is identified as the cheetah if you find yourself rushing to get things done days before moving day. Your head fills with list after list of things you need to do to get ready for the big move and it never seems to end. You probably just want the whole moving process to be over and done with because there are so many other things to do!

When moving day comes around, the Cheetah is proactive. You wake up early just to run around and make sure everything is complete and ready for the move, because who has the time to spend on moving?

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The Turtle


They say slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, if you feel you identify in-between the cheetah or the sloth when it comes to moving, you could be a turtle. The turtle tends to take their time in each step of the move, meticulously planning to pack this here and that there to get things just right. What’s the rush?

Identifying with the turtle means that even though you’ve hired movers, you still pack items in your own car and take them to your new home. We won’t even get started about unpacking in the new home.

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The Squirrel


If you have way too many things inside your home and can’t fathom the concept of de-cluttering prior to moving, your moving animal is the squirrel. As the squirrel, you’re at times, a borderline hoarder. There are things in your closet and attic you probably haven’t used in a decade, or even…ever, but you hold out hope for that one day you’ll need it. You cling to the “what if” situations and when you actually attempt to de-clutter, you’ll spend hours reminiscing on the first item you take out and well, that’s the end of that.

In the end, the squirrel just hires Capital Movers to pack and move everything to avoid de-cluttering altogether.

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The Owl


Owls are meticulous planners who have everything about the moving process down to the fine details. Those who relate to the owl love to plan. Your moving animal is an owl if you find yourself packing boxes by room, then packing them by function. When packing, you not only take every item and dust it before packing, but you also have organized, designated sections for items that are either trash, recycling, or donation. Owls also love their lists. If you have a detailed list of each item that is packed to be moved into the new house, your animal hoots on moving day.

Since they’re planners and preparers, they’ve already packed the items that could potentially spill or break into tightly sealed bags. They certainly are five steps ahead all the time.

On moving day, owls plan often try to plan how everything should go into the moving truck.

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Everyone is a little different when it comes to moving. You can be fast or slow, prepare weeks to months in advance or wait until the last minute to prepare for moving day. No matter what animal you relate most with, Capital Movers is here to help you each step of the way. Contact us today to request a free moving services quote!

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